Friday, December 11, 2009

Passing Time At Pacific Rim

I met up with my friend Stefanie and a few other people for drinks the other night after an Ann Arbor Environmental Commission meeting. It was my first time patronizing Pacific Rim By Kana, a delightful Asian-themed bar and restaurant at 114 W. Liberty St. in downtown Ann Arbor. The shots you see below are of Stefanie tragically texting until her phone died, the martini she had to drink, and the Hitachino Nest White Ale that I did not try because I had already drank two pale ales before discovering this Japanese treat.

According to Pacific Rim's Web site, the business started out as Kana, a small, family-owned Korean restaurant that opened near the University of Michigan Hospital in 1982. After 12 years of success, Mr. and Mrs. Ko outgrew that location and in 1995 moved their restaurant to its current spot just off of Main Street in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor.


  1. everyone's in love with their iphone instead of each other

  2. A local contractor named Attila Huth did the remodel work when Pacific Rim opened at that location.