Saturday, March 6, 2010

Seven By Seven in San Francisco

I'm in San Francisco for a short while and, while I don't plan to spend a lot of time writing about my trip while I'm here, I am making a pledge to post seven blog entries — with seven photos each – in honor of the city that measures seven miles by seven mies. Enjoy the first installment.

I'm staying in the Hotel Mark Twain, in the heart of San Fran, where the windows in the hotel staircase are adorned with clever quotes from the writer. Like this one.

Welcome to the Hotel California, down the street from my hotel.

My travel companion and I enjoyed gourmet vegan food at Millennium. I had the tamale.

The chef's corner.

The lobby of Millennium/Hotel California.

The writing on the wall.

They apparently ship wine.

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  1. True! The Mark Twain Best Western? Was that wrapped in corn leaves? Mmmmm, blue! Out of everything they could have chosen, why did they choose that picture for the lobby of the Mark Twain's hotel? Did fire fit that sentence? Full frame of goodness!