Friday, May 14, 2010

Virg Bernero

Michigan gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero was thrust into the national media spotlight last year when he became the leading spokesman for Michigan's struggling automotive companies. The Lansing mayor's scathing criticisms of Wall Street and Washington led CNN to call him America's angriest mayor. "I may be," he told me in an interview on Friday just after this picture was taken. "But there's a lot to be angry about and my anger is nothing like the anger that's out there in the streets in Michigan. People are angry and they're expressing it in a variety of ways. You see this Tea Party movement. People want to get involved. You see people spending the night at the capitol, putting up tents trying to get the message through to the Legislature to do something. For gosh sakes, we're in a crisis here and these people are dawdling. These folks don't seem to understand the urgency."

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