Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ant In A Bottle

Something I learned about myself recently: I can't even bring myself to kill an ant. I believe all of God's creatures have a purpose, and it's not my place to harm any of them — even if they're pesky. After a month of catching carpenter ants in my apartment (and letting them go outside), I'm fully convinced these stealthy little warriors possess incredible intelligence for their size. They know when you've spotted them, and they can run incredibly fast. Heck, they'll even try to deceive you by faking left and then going right, or try to blend in with dark objects or hide under the tiniest cord. I read up on them and it turns out they have excellent night vision. They can orient by moonlight or streetlights to landmarks in your yard. Once they've set up camp around your home, they'll create satellite colonies with a sophisticated network of trails between each nest. And they will fiercely defend their territory against predators and other ant colonies. But, so I've found, they're no match for an empty plastic bottle.

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