Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Happens In Columbus

I was visiting my friend Octavian in Columbus, Ohio, this past Labor Day weekend when we were driving through downtown and noticed these cars smashed by dinosaur-egg-sized boulders. I suppose I could make up a story and say this was payback after a road rage incident involving a jerk in a red car. But the real story is that it's a clever advertisement for an insurance company. Here's the write-up from July in The Columbus Dispatch: "Apocalyptic hail: Fortunately, hail as heavy as 1,000 pounds isn't in Columbus' forecast anytime soon — it just appears to be falling on downtown as part of a 3-D 'wallscape' advertisement for American Family Insurance. The massive Styrofoam hailstones with aluminum frames were affixed on the Atlas Building at 8 E. Long St. this week, with heavily damaged cars positioned below. The ad is the latest wallscape by Columbus-based Orange Barrel Media."

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