Saturday, April 2, 2011

Matt Wertz and Ben Rector

Nashville-based singer-songwriters Matt Wertz and Ben Rector were a couple of "sassy bros" Thursday night at the Ark in downtown Ann Arbor, or at least that was the running joke. Wertz, who is on tour promoting his new album "Weights & Wings," sounded sincere when he remarked at the start of his set, "It was really fun to be in Ann Arbor today. I love, love this town." Aside from great tunes, the night was filled with laughter as Wertz told stories about what it means to rock "dad style" and the time a Taco Bell employee told his friend, "Sorry, man. Our beef hose is clogged." Rector played his own set before Wertz took the stage and won over the crowd with an impromptu verse in his song "Loving You Is Easy." An audience member suggested Rector sing about snuggies. On the spot, Rector came up with this gem: "I hope you understand the snuggie/ But if you don't, it's basically a blanket and clothes/ I hate to say it, but if you went out and bought one/ I'm pretty sure that you got hosed/ It's good for you if you're cold and lazy/ If you want to eat and watch TV/ And right now some guy's got a million dollars/ Cause he took a blanket and he added sleeves."


  1. wow, were you the guy who kept coming up front & taking shots? Great pictures! We were sitting right in front of the stool - my husband was the one invited up on stage to show off his dad style shoes :)