Thursday, April 12, 2012

Goin' To Jackson

A Michigan Department of Transportation official says his office has been inundated with negative feedback on the proposal to reduce Jackson Avenue to three lanes. "The message is being received loud and clear," said Mark Sweeney, manager of MDOT's Brighton Transportation Service Center, who reports receiving dozens of emails in opposition since the Ann Arbor City Council endorsed the lane reduction last week. The council's resolution, which passed by an 8-2 vote, asks that MDOT consider changing Jackson Avenue from four to three lanes to improve safety and possibly allow for the addition of on-street bicycle lanes when it resurfaces the road next year. "It's a city request and I know many of the emails from the public were asking us not to abide by the city request," Sweeney said. "It does put us in an awkward position." Read the story.

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