Friday, July 6, 2012

Hail To The Editor In Chief

Today is Tony Dearing's last day on the job as's editor in chief. I'll miss him dearly as he moves on to a new role in New Jersey. And I'll always be proud of what we've accomplished at these past three years. Tony and I go back a handful of years. While I was in college, he gave me my first start at a daily newsroom as an intern at The Bay City Times. I later was hired on full-time at The Times, and in 2009 I jumped at the chance to continue my career as launched with Tony at the helm. From the start, it was a team effort, and it was input from countless people that shaped the site into what it is today, the top website in the nation for market penetration. We've built a loyal audience and I'm proud of the content we put out day after day. We're losing a key member of our team, but we'll march on with the values Tony instilled in us through his constant professionalism and journalistic integrity.

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