Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Above The Surface

A shot of the Library Lot on a recent evening, as viewed from the fourth-floor board room of the downtown Ann Arbor library. I was there attending a meeting of the AATA, which is planning on demolishing and rebuilding the Blake Transit Center across the street from here. Meanwhile, library officials are asking voters on Nov. 6 for approval to demolish and rebuild the library. City officials also are talking about redeveloping the surface of the Library Lot as part of the Connecting William Street initiative. Underneath the surface here is where the city and the DDA recently built a $50 million underground parking garage. Let's not forget the talk of a new train station, all the new high-rise apartments going up downtown, the countywide transit expansion, etc., etc., and so on. A lot happening in Ann Arbor, for sure.

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