Friday, January 8, 2010


This is Mischief, a friendly 4-year-old pooch who belongs to my friend Avram Golden in Bay City, Mich. This picture was taken on a Wednesday night in the back of Golden's photo gallery and custom framing shop after I drove up from Ann Arbor to hand-deliver a much anticipated falafel sandwich. Mischief is probably a mix between a Black Lab, Chow and Border Collie. His owner describes him as "laid back with moments of craziness." Chasing animals is a favorite pastime, but apparently not catching them. "He sheds hair rather well, " says Golden, "and if all combined fallen hair were weaved together, could potentially provide sweaters for a small village."


  1. Thanks for the blog comment! Your photos are beautiful (I'm a mild photo junkie) ... and most of the people who eat my food are the guys next door...

  2. Ha. Well, if I can convince you to cook for me sometime, I'll return the favor by taking photographs of your food for you site :)

  3. That sounds like a relatively fair trade to me...