Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Uno, Dos, Tres

Three of the top officials for the city of Ann Arbor happened to be standing near each other before a meeting I was at earlier today. From left to right are Jayne Miller, the city's community services administrator, City Administrator Roger Fraser, and City Council Member Stephen Rapundalo. All three have played key roles in the city's RFP process to solicit proposals for development on a 1.2-acre city-owned site downtown where the Downtown Development Authority is building an underground parking structure. A new development – possibly an urban park or a new hotel and conference center – will go on top.


  1. Are you positive, absolutely positive that something will go on top of the Library Lot parking structure?

    In your lifetime or mine?

    You have much to learn of the ways of development in Ann Arbor, grasshopper. ;-)

  2. A good reporter only reports the facts. but I'll forgive you because this is your personal blog