Friday, November 2, 2012

Ray Malo And A Piano

My neighbor Ray found this treasure of a piano, an old Mendelssohn, at the PTO Thrift Shop in Ann Arbor and had it delivered Thursday on an unusually sunny November afternoon. I happened to pass by on a break from work and couldn't help but stop and photograph the scene as Ray took his new instrument for a test spin on the front lawn. It sounded beautiful, but I expected no less from Ray Malo, the former keyboardist and violin player for Brooklyn-based indie rock band April Smith and the Great Picture Show. What's he doing in Ann Arbor, you ask? Besides playing old Mendelssohn pianos on front lawns, he's back at the University of Michigan pursuing an education. He recently documented his long and winding road back to the university in a column published in the Michigan Daily. Read it here.

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